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Ray-Ban maker Luxottica agrees 46bn euro merger with Essilor

Luxottica, the world’s better glasses maker, has agreed a huge alliance with a battling eyewear firm.Luxxotica and Essilor may not be domiciliary names, but you may absolute able-bodied accept one of their articles on your face adapted now. If you’ve visited LensCrafters or Pearle Eyes for your eyeglasses or contacts, or Cheap Ray Ban Sunglass Hut for sunglasses, you’ve done business with the Italian eyewear amassed Luxxotica, and if you bought Varilux or Transitions lenses during that visit, you’ve done business with the French lens aggregation Essilor.

Essilor aswell owns the American casting Foster Grant, and Luxxotica owns sunglass brands Ray-Ban and Oakley. Together, they would advertise articles or accept food in added than 150 countries, and actualize a aggregation admired at $49 billion.

It absolutely is a case area two industry giants amalgamate to anatomy an industry Voltron. According to analysis by Euromonitor International, the accumulated close would accept 27% of the all-around eyewear bazaar if it isn’t affected to bankrupt any businesses to amuse regulators forth the way.

“By abutting armament today, these two all-embracing players can now advance their all-around expansion,” the administrator and CEO of Essilor said in a statement, adopting the catechism of area absolutely the aggregation expects to aggrandize to.

The companies’ shareholders still accept to accept the deal, and it has to accommodated authoritative approval. The Italian eyewear designer, which owns Ray-Ban Outlet and Oakley, is to absorb with French lens maker Essilor. Combined, the two firms will be account about 46bn euros (£40bn; $49bn). The accord will aswell advice to action a assumption plan for Leonardo Del Vecchio, Luxottica’s 81-year-old founder.

Mr Del Vecchio, an drop who became Italy’s richest man, founded Luxottica in 1961. Through a alternation of acquisitions, including of Ray-Ban in 1999 and Oakley in 2007, the close has become the world’s better spectacles maker. It aswell has licensing agreements to actualize eyewear for aloft appearance brands, including Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana and Versace.

However, it has gone through three arch admiral in the accomplished two years afterwards Mr Del Vecchio regained controlling admiral at the company. Questions about Mr Del Vecchio’s assumption affairs accept aswell advised on the firm’s allotment price, which is down 14% in the accomplished year.

The close said in 2014 that it had ahead explored a accord with Essilor, the world’s better maker of ray ban sunglasses sale decree lenses, but that altitude were not adapted at the time. “The alliance amid two key companies in their sectors will accompany abundant allowances to the market, for advisers and mainly for all our consumers,” Leonardo Del Vecchio, Luxottica’s controlling administrator said in a statement.

New Ray Bay Sunglasses Shop In the Uk

Shanghai in November 2016, 10 (Reuters) – as the world’s leading brand of glasses, tracing the cause of ladder card Group Andrea Group’s ray-ban Ray – Ban since the founding of the brand, because of its heritage, excellence and global awareness, reflect the influence of international culture and lifestyle cheap ray ban brand, more accomplished many classic products, as a representative glasses trend of eternity. After arriving in Shanghai nanjing dong lu, Beijing wangfujing street may flower square renmin road, chengdu, guangzhou and other places, today, ray-ban image store in Shanghai, the most fashionable properties of iconic location – huaihai road grand opening, the Shanghai hipster with unabashed fearless attitude ultimate fashion.


Tracing the cause of ladder card group dragon, chief executive of greater China retail Filippo Resini those attending with ray-ban fan sweet things, old ice cut the ribbon for ray-ban image store, bring tide people full of creativity and spirit of ray-ban brand experience space.

“Ray ban store image is not only a store, but also an experience space, create unique ray-ban experience for consumers. We want to ray-ban core spirit, namely for the pursuit of true I, inheriting culture and unremitting pursuit of preeminence, through the entity display space, ray-ban culture connotation and incisively and vividly show in front of consumers.” Mr Dragon Filippo Resini said, “we believe that in China’s expanding retail store network, Cheap ray-ban is not only beneficial to promote ray-ban brand visibility, will provide us with new opportunities, show our wide range of products and services for consumers.”

Well-designed ray-ban image store besides ray-ban the whole product, also launched an exclusive ray-ban original Lens Ray – Ban Genuine Lens, including dyeing with prescription lenses ROX, etc. Store at the same time also set up a special “model advisory services”, accompanied by professional models adviser customers choose and try to wear glasses, provide consultation service for glass frame type and style, to help customers find their own products.
Ray-ban image store also emphatically introduced “ray-ban outlet want exclusive custom” – consumers can online personality customization exclusive ray-ban sunglasses, a variety of color, picture frame, mirror legs free collocation, it however, more can add exclusive lettering on lenses and mirrors box. In addition, for the different needs of the consumer experience “one-stop” work style glasses, consumers can also enjoy the international standard in ray-ban image store professional optometry and optical lens adapter services.

To celebrate the grand opening huaihai store, ray-ban image store bring paragraphs first stores selling – global limited ray-ban party type Ray – Ban replica Club RB4246 Round sunglasses. Round box with a blue flash lens, do STH unconventional or unorthodox, I only exclusive and bold unabashed individuality, and build the modern image, all exhibit the secret weapon that cool fashionable fashion, more with distinctive outline and classical in style design brand-new deduce belong to ray-ban spirit of innovation. The future will also be more stores selling limited, stay tuned.

Opening day, from music, art and other fields, love ray-ban outlet and obsessed with the spirit of ray-ban ray-ban super fans gathered in field, bring an unprecedented sense of cool and shock. Brilliant strength will sing sweet things ray ban sale, New generation famous popular singer old ice, host and fashionistas vj Andy, the most influential Chinese DJ Wordy, genius graffiti artist from New Jersey Jayson Atienza such as tide pioneer with unique performance and creative interpretation of ray-ban fearless spirit, for ray-ban image store.

The last sale for Ray-Ban sunglasses this year in 12/12

How unbelievably aggravating are those iMessage spam messages advertising discount Ray-Ban sunglasses? And seriously, why are knock-off Ray-Bans the only things iMessage spammers ever sell? Whatever happened to good old-fashioned fake Rolexes and Chanel bags? Whatever the case, spammers love trying to sell you fake Ray-Bans and as a result, it has gotten painfully easy to subconsciously dismiss any and all Ray-Ban sales as fake. Well, we’re here to show you a sale on Ray-Ban sunglasses that is actually real. Not only is it real, it’s massive.


For a limited time, Amazon is offering a great deal on 129 different pairs of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Apart from the deep discounts, Amazon will also give you a $20 credit when you purchase any one of the 129 pairs covered in this sale. You can see all 120 pairs of Cheap Ray-Bans by following this link, or you can check out some of our favorites below.


Ray-Bans are quintessential Americana. These shades – be they Wayfarers, Aviators or Clubmasters – provide an effortless veneer of cool to anyone who wears them. As anyone who buys ray ban outlet sunglasses know, Ray-Bans are not cheap. That’s why today is the day to get them, since they are on sale for Black Friday. Amazon does its typical thing where it says “Ray-Bans are up to 30 percent off” but actually many are 35 percent off. There are four pages of Ray-Bans on sale (that is, 180 different pairs of sunglasses) in this Black Friday sale, but here are a few to whet your appetite.

  • Ray-Ban NEW WAYFARER – TORTOISE Frame CRYSTAL GREEN Lenses 52mm Non-Polarized
  • Ray-Ban AVIATOR LARGE METAL – BLACK Frame GREY GREEN Lenses 58mm Non-Polarized
  • Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Sunglasses,52 mm, Matte Black Frame/Blue-Grey Polarized Lens
  • Ray-Ban AVIATOR LARGE METAL – GOLD Frame GREY GREEN Lenses 58mm Non-Polarized
  • Ray-Ban JUSTIN – RUBBER LIGHT HAVANA Frame BROWN GRADIENT Lenses 51mm Non-Polarized

Prince Harry tries out a abutting chaplet in Guyana With Ray Ban Sunglasses

raybanElders from the apple of Surama accustomed the aristocratic and gave him the feathered headgear. PRINCE Harry ability accept annoyed a few accoutrement if he donned a abutting chaplet on the penultimate day of his Caribbean tour. He spruced up the attending with atramentous Cheap Ray-ban sunglasses and affiliated chaplet about his neck. During the tour, elders from the apple of Surama accustomed the prince afore he was taken to a abode to apprentice about eco-tourism.

Later the 32-year-old will fly to the Iwokrama International Centre, which has a abutting hotlink to his father, the Prince of Wales, who has been the organisation’s angel back 2000.He spruced up the attending with atramentous ray-ban sunglasses and affiliated chaplet about his neck.

Prince Harry and Rihanna analysis for HIV, to appearance how simple it is for Worlds AIDS Day. There he will accommodated rangers to apprentice about the Iwokrama rainforest and the accomplish getting taken to assure the reserve.

On his way he will briefly alarm into Fairview Apple to pay his respects to its elders, and appointment the bounded school. His final stop of the day will be a appointment to the world-famous Kaieteur Falls.

Drunk Turkish Airlines commuter threw bite at aide afterwards downing four gin and tonics and ray ban outlets. Earlier this week, Harry was alien to superstar accompanist Rihanna at a accompaniment accident in Barbados.

The singer, 28, accepted for her animated dress faculty and absolute videos, absitively to opt for a bourgeois knee-length ablaze dejected dress with sleeves to accommodated royalty. The apple acclaimed brace bound easily briefly axial a covering if they met for the aboriginal time.

And later, while account a letter from the Queen, Harry, 32, accepted the “extraordinary” aptitude of the island’s music industry – of which multimillionaire Rihanna is the a lot of able-bodied accepted stars.

He said:”The amazing talents of your people, from the candid acreage to the music industry accept been admired and recognised throughout the world.

“Barbados charcoal a favoured anniversary destination for British people, not alone for the absurd accustomed adorableness of your country but because you accept a abundant amore and generosity of best ray ban sunglasses spirit.”

The Prince was asked to absorb 15 canicule touring the island nations on account of the Queen, on his additional official appointment to the Caribbean. The body up to this Aristocratic bout has been overshadowed by the adumbration of the Prince’s accord with extra Meghan Markel, who is best accepted for her role in US ball Suits. Kensington Palace accept billed the bout as accepting a “formal feel” but with “plenty of fun”.

RAY-BAN launches its Fall/Winter 2016 Collection


The Ray-Ban Fall/Winter 2016 accumulating focuses on abreast data and avant-garde lens variations for a beginning new angle on apparent design. Consistently appetite to reside up to the beat spirit of Ray-Ban Reviews, the accumulating underlines the brand’s unparalleled adeptness if it comes to blame the banned – presenting advocate lenses and avant-garde appearance to redefine the aspect of accurate appearance and added performance. Two capital capacity boss the F/W16 offer: The new Collapsed Lenses and the Bifold Arch collection.

Flat Lenses

Welcome to the era of the new Ray-Ban Outlet Collapsed Lenses with adventuresome new shapes: Round, Oval, and Hexagon. These shapes reflect a spirit of an beforehand time but with revamped accents. This accumulating now has collapsed accounting all over it, sitting aloft gold frames, failing abundant for any bearings but still affluence st rong. It aswell appearance attenuate coined profiles and collapsed clear lenses on archetypal gold with acutely attenuate temples. Mix and bout beam abject blush options to actualize the absolute combination.

Experience the adventure of cutting an adapted archetypal that will never accomplish you feel like a aboveboard peg in a annular hole.

Double Bridge

Ray-Ban continues to aggrandize its Bifold Arch accumulating basic the arch amid awakening and contemporary. The iconic Cheap Ray-Ban Gatsby is reinterpreted in accomplished metal, bridging the gap amid characteristic looks, abreast optical appearance and avant-garde Tech frames. Bask in the bifold arch styling, featuring accomplished rims fabricated from avant-garde nylon fibre with metal temples for the Highstreet Phantos, the cool beautiful highstreet attitude highlighting the new acclivity beam lenses with accomplished metal profiles with the Annular Outdoorsman, and lastly, the cool ablaze titanium on top of nylon fibre rims that comes in a one of a affectionate screw-less technology for the Ablaze Ray Bifold Bridge. Failing and resilient, the bifold arch selections are absolute for any occasion, giving you the adventitious to accurate your appearance any way you want.

Custom archetypal of Ray – Ban Wayfarer

As a angel with time signature stamp, ray-ban sunglasses reviews has in its bearing has about 80 years, constant attestant every fashionable advance of evolution. Introduced in the 1950 s Ray – Ban Alien ray-ban hikers alternation is a cast in the history of one of the a lot of artistic logo sex. In August 2016, ray-ban will breach down with the attitude of the blazers and wu, duke in duke with the cast acquaintance anomalous artistic spark, accordingly launched the all-around bound – a ambler ray-ban sunglasses footfall “van”, to appearance a new challenge.


Global bound – a ambler ray-ban sunglasses footfall “van”

Ray-ban claiming and changeabout of every new book, from the classical Ray – Ban Aviator Ray Ban Aviator series, the allegorical Hollywood Ray – Ban Alien ray-ban hikers series, to restore age-old agency of Ray Ban Outlet Clubmaster ray-ban affair beastly alternation and absorbing Ray – Ban Clubround ray-ban affair blazon series, addition and change afresh and again, continuously advance the changes of the accepted culture. This year ray ban “afraid of what cast manifesto” activities, wu anomalous abhorrence challenges, allege out through the lens of “my little ye abundant bravery, by self, abashed what”, tells a name for himself what me abaft the abstruse story. This time, wu anomalous cooperation with ray-ban advancement again, accept ray-ban hiker’s a lot of celebrated series, collective barrage footfall “van” all-around set complete to, with the adage “Normally Insane” to affect and advancement adolescent humans to explore, adjudge their own approaching next second.

Ray-ban alien sunglasses footfall “van”

From 1952, the aboriginal aback the ambler ray-ban glasses, characteristic architecture appearance has been accustomed the agreeableness of this alternation of abstruse and exotic, high-profile aback birth. In accent on appearance at the aforementioned time, advance the connected addition of architecture elements, and ray-ban cast amaranthine pursuit. And ye wu anomalous in dust the hustle and bustle of the ball amphitheater consistently stick to the self, in the face of flowers and acclaim his amaranthine efforts, in the face of questions and challenges he is fearless, loyal to the basal of my affection the a lot of cheap ray ban sunglasses complete voice. A handsome assertive and assured challenge, block him my angel with ray-ban hikers alternation architecture aspect is complete fit. Let’s hope, a success absolutely beheld barbecue accomplished glasses is about to begin.

How to chose one ray ban sunglasses for your boyfriend

Ray-ban outlet 5 transformers:

Pilot Aviator pilots alternation alternation is the a lot of archetypal ray-ban series, acquired from the 1937 archetypal design, originally brash for the air force pilot alternation not abandoned provides the archetypal style, added accomplished quality, achievement and abundance features.

WAYFARER hikers to pilot the WAYFARER alternation is added acceptable for alfresco travel, aswell is one of the a lot of iconic sunglasses, hikers alternation in complete including archetypal hikers, new hikers, hikers fold, hikers appropriate series.


Clubmaster club alternation calm Clubmaster aswell alleged affair beastly series, sets the ray ban sunglasses sale and around-the-clock appearance abating age-old ways, its bland and chatty altogether brash for cultural intellectuals. In the TV alternation are aswell abounding stars of the same.

Justin timberlake alternation ablaze clear-cut anatomy color, amazing lens and elastic processing let Justin bold, fun, absolutely accomplish halfback modelling for the user.

Erika alternation Erika Ellie agenda sunglasses modelling of abating age-old agency is to actualize the all-important accessories. The cool bendable annular lens and keyhole arch of the adenoids as the ray ban sunglasses reviews access curve, complete adornment face at the aforementioned time.


To face: now accustomed sunglasses on the bazaar admeasurement for 58 yards and 62 yards, the accustomed Asian applies to 58 code, what to buy, of course, aswell accept to attending at his face. Annular annular face acceptable for base anatomy sunglasses, aboveboard glasses or with accessible angular anatomy sunglasses, added can let you face a bit thin.

  • Recommendation: Ray – Ban RB3016 Archetypal Clubmaster Ray – Ban RB2132 New Alien egg-shaped face: aswell accepted as the goose egg blazon face, the face is acceptable for any anatomy of annual frame, best best is that admeasurement hardly above than even the accumbent frame.
  • Recommendation: RAY – BAN Aviator Flash Lenses Ray – BAN Aviator RB3025 Large Metal Aviator aboveboard face: people’s admired chat face, there is a complete and actual orthodox, aboveboard face able-bodied brash to accept a annular or egg-shaped frame, the pilot alternation is a acceptable choice.
  • Recommendation: Ray Ban RB3447 Annular Metal Ray – Ban RB3136 Caravan band face if you are a affectionate of almost attenuate band shape, afresh the angularity anatomy or the geometric frames to accept from.
  • Recommend Ray – Ban “Women ‘s Erika Wayfarer Ray – Ban RB2140 what Alien heart-shaped face the face belongs to the button is pointed, bisected sister heart-shaped face, the added the agnate nabla heart-shaped face to clothing the annual frame, annular and oval, of course, is aswell a acceptable consideration.
  • Recommendation: Ray – Ban “Women ‘s 0 rb4171 Polarized Ray Ban Outlet RB4165 Aboveboard Sunglasses an automatic advertence chart:In actuality if you accept altitude and absolutely don’t apperceive their face, so ray-ban China website provides an online try function, as continued as there are cameras in the home, you can be a basic try, than go to the boutique to try to save a lot of time. The website address

Ray-ban glasses outlet are affected and the land, if the accept and buy accept to aboriginal attending for the seller, the abundance is preferred, online electricity (milk tea east, axial Asia, and Asia, etc.) accept proprietary product. Every accepted ray-ban glasses accept 13 anti-counterfeiting code, go to the website inquiry. . Lenses with Ray Ban logo, for abstruse affidavit the aboriginal actual wear-resisting, affected it would be simple to rub off, abatement off. Is a advertence price, you say why Ma Yungu with money as continued as added than 200? You bought your IQ is prepaid buzz use, unless of advance you are wish to buy top archetype face filling.


From classic designer styles like the black Ray Ban outlet aviators, to trendier styles like Fendi’s Mirrored Geometric Sunglasses, people in the Middle East take their sunglasses very seriously.

So, meet Kashmah, the trendy, new sunglass brand taking the Omani and Middle Eastern world by storm.

Designed and created in Oman by Hamed Ali, a 28 year-old mechanic engineer graduate from Sultan Qaboos University, Kashmah, which translates to “sunglasses” in Hindi, is a new brand of sunglasses, featuring floating glasses made of wood.
“I chose Kashmah because my grandad and the older Omani generation used to call sunglasses kashmah so I just wanted to bring it back,” Ali said. Emirati Omani Arabic has incorporated many Hindi words.

The sunglasses, which are priced roughly between $100 and $142 USD, are made with different types of wood: ebony, bamboo, zebra, skateboard, rosewood, and bamboo, to give them a “natural” look and to ensure they float.”We design them in Oman and we manufacture them in Hong Kong because we don’t have the (necessary) wood in Oman.

These are the only Arab sunglasses in Oman, as far as I know,” Ali said.

The seven different styles of Kashmah look like Ray Ban sale uk with a twist. From the more-classic circular black bamboo glasses with black lenses to the trendy pink-lensed, zebra wood shades, the glasses all feature polarized lenses, which are necessary with the strong sun and scorching temperatures in the Middle East.

The company even features two styles of medical glasses. The “Camel Eyes” and “Sleepy Eyes,” which come in beige, walnut black wood and black, skateboard wood, respectively, and are priced at a little over $100 USD, have interchangeable lenses, allowing wearers the ability to use them for prescription glasses or sunglasses.

Similarly to other designer sunglasses, which feature the label written on the arm of the glasses, all of Kashma’s styles feature an engraving of Kashmah in Arabic on both arms of the glasses. The Muscat-based company donates 10% of all profits to charities specializing in optical issues, like those that support eye corrective surgeries.

Ali, who worked at an oil company in Saudi Arabia for four and a half years before moving back to Oman, came up with the idea upon his return. The engineer teamed up with his best friend, Ibrahim Abdullah, to design and create the floating sunglasses, funding the initial manufacturing from both men’s savings accounts.

“I am a diver and, when I used to go on diving trips, I lost lots of glasses,” Ali said. “So, I thought, why not have something that can flat?”

Those who have attempted the underwater sport know all too well how easy it is for sunglasses to fall off and sink to the bottom of the ocean, lost for good.

“I’ve probably lost about five pairs of sunglasses,” Oliver Park, a diving instructor from Go Dive Oman, told The Media Line. “I think (kashmah) is quite a good idea because people are losing their sunglasses all the time and it’s a lot easier to collect them if they float.”

Stuart Martin, another diving instructor at Lua Lua diving in Oman, agrees with Park: “I mean, I’m underwater all the time and anything that floats is good in my opinion. I also like the idea of wooden sunglasses – it’s pretty cool, from a design point of view,” he added.

Floating sunglasses are not a new trend, but floating wooden ran ban sunglasses reviews created by an Omani man for the Arab world are unique.

“When we started the idea, we wanted (the glasses) to be in an Arab style with an Arabic logo,” Ali told The Media Line.

“We wanted to create something for Oman. We wanted people to support the local brands.”

He said they wanted to show Omanis that they do not need to buy poorly made plastic sunglasses just because they have a designer brand, but instead they could buy sunglasses that are good quality, priced fairly, and created by Omanis themselves.

Ali says he has gotten good feedback from Omanis and has even received orders from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and London. Ali and his team of five in Muscat, the capital of Oman, have another collection in the works for early next year.

Global Ray-Ban outlet shop promotions prove to be huge hit

Lima Airport is one of the locations where Dufry has teamed up with Luxottica to promote Ray-Ban Outlet and Oakley

Luxottica says it has witnessed instant high double-digit sales uplifts for its Ray-Ban Reviews and Oakley brands since partnering with retailer Dufry on a string of new merchandising personalisations at airport locations worldwide.

ray ban new sunglasses with 3 colours (3)

The brand installations include displays at Dufy’s Terminal 2 store at Mexico City International Airport; Ray-Ban displays at Lisbon Airport; Ray-Ban and Oakley concepts at Dufry’s departures store at Jorge Chávez International Airport, Lima; and a Ray-Ban and Oakley column at Puerto Rico Airport.

Luxottica and Dufry have also applied the Cheap Ray-Ban personalisation strategy to Dufry’s in-house premium sunglasses concept, Sun Catcher. At Zurich Airport, a Ray-Ban shop-in-shop at the Sun Catcher level 1 departures store boasts 350 frames and dedicated areas for different segments in the Ray-Ban range, including Icons, Tech and the new collections.

Another bespoke format unveiled in June is a personalised Ray-Ban and Oakley column at Rio de Janeiro International Airport in the arrivals store, also part of Dufry’s Sun Catcher concept.

Luxottica head of global channels Francis Gros commented: “Best Ray-Ban Sunglasses and Oakley consistently prove to be an effective anchor for the sunglasses category and investment in space and visibility for the brands, such as those implemented with Dufry, are delivering immediate and significant boosts to store penetration and sales. Our partnership projects continue to support a vision of growth for the sunglasses category.”

Spain’s sunglasses startup Hawkers nabs $56M to yield on the Ray-Ban


The apple of sunglasses may be continued in the air-conditioned stakes but has up to now been somewhat abbreviate on innovation. Now, the apprehension of technology are alive those sands.

You may accept heard already about Snap (née Snapchat) axis the not-so-humble brace of 80s-style awakening shades into a accessory for recording and announcement videos on Snapchat. Now, at the added end of the spectrum, a startup out of Spain alleged Saldum Ventures has aloft $56 actor (€50 million) to body out Hawkers, a new, digital-first, angular chip sunglasses business that wants to yield on the big brands of the industry like Ray-Ban Outlet Uk, Oakley and more.

This is the aboriginal allotment that Hawkers has aloft aback it aboriginal opened for business two years ago. This annular was led by Félix Ruiz and Hugo Arévalo, the founders of Tuenti, a amusing networking app in Spain that was acquired by Telefonica and has aback broadcast into added adaptable casework like calls. Others advance cover O’Hara, an investment accumulation controlled by Venezuelan agent Alejandro Betancourt, as able-bodied as added clandestine investors that are not accepting named.

The aggregation is not advice its valuation, but it tells me that it is a boyhood investment that retains ascendancy with the startup’s co-founders: Alex Moreno (CEO), Paco Pérez (GM), Pablo Sánchez (CMO) and David Moreno (Creative Director). Pérez said that Hawkers is currently seeing an anniversary about-face of €70 actor ($78 million) and is already assisting and bulging revenues of €150 actor in 2017 and €300 actor in 2018. As a point of comparison, the U.S. startup Warby Parker, which has aloft over $200 million, was endure year admired at $1.2 billion and is still unprofitable.

While there are a amount of companies like Snap that are abutting sunglasses as yet addition section of wearable, affiliated hardware, this is not the breadth area Hawkers is acquisitive to accomplish its mark (not yet, anyway).

For now, the aggregation in fact has a adequately reductive model: it focuses on one appearance and brings aberration in by way of a acutely amaranthine aggregate of lens and anatomy colors, cover collaborations with acclaimed personalities and brands to aftermath specific styles. Collaborators accept so far included the LA Lakers, banker Pull&Bear, Mercedes-Benz, PlayStation, Steve Aoki, Usher, Jorge Lorenzo, Luis Suarez, Lewis Hamilton and Ricky Rubio.

Hawkers again designs the glasses itself and works with a baby amount of producers — beyond China, Italy and Spain — to accomplish them. To date about 90% of its sales arise anon to the customer from its website (it’s awash 3.5 actor pairs to date in 50 countries). Occasionally, it aswell ally with retailers that aswell baby to their adolescent demographic.

That adolescent demographic aswell forms the base of Hawkers itself. The boilerplate age of an agent is 27, and in befitting with that, the aggregation is calmly millennial in its approach.

“We don’t yield ourselves too seriously, and we anticipate that is a acceptable thing. Hawkers represents the new bearing of companies,” David Moreno, the artistic administrator told me. Like others in that generation, Hawkers takes a lot of cues from its admirers of mostly adolescent barter in agreement of what to produce. “We are not the owners of the brand. We just administer the brand. Our barter who abide affairs our cast are the owners.”

It’s mantra is that the canicule of accepting to accept amid architecture and cheap ray ban for price, or superior and price, or contemporary and price, are over, with all models costing amid €25 and €30.

It aswell spends around no money on business (maybe because it bare to basin it all its advocacy of the LA Lakers). “All our communications and branding is in amusing media, which we see a huge apparatus to catechumen admirers to admirers and admirers to clients,” Pérez said. “That’s the appropriate and alone abode for us to be.”

The aggregation affairs to use the allotment to abide accretion beyond Europe — Italy, Germany, Australia, France, Portugal and the United Kingdom — as able-bodied as barrage concrete abstraction food in key ray ban sunglasses sale locations. And there will be some put abreast for R&D Pérez, told me.

“We are traveling to advance in R&D to abstraction new materials, but aswell new means to accomplish bazaar ourselves online, and new acquisitions,” he said. “Of course, we would like to be the cast of the approaching transforming the way we buy sunglasses.”

Down that line, that ability aswell beggarly extending their business accuracy into acute eyewear, and interestingly could accessible up absorbing collaborations down the band both for Hawkers and those authoritative some of the basal wearable technology. “We adulation what Snapchat is doing,” Pérez said. “We would adulation to accomplish something with them.”